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To be a good neighbour to local families and individuals who are in need and to help local community groups to start up, improve or develop their activities. 

The Harpenden Trust manages two funds: 

THE COMMUNITY FUND provides grants to community groups in Harpenden for specific projects and particularly to those organisations linked to youth and education and the elderly. Over £300,000 has been given since 2008 when the Fund was created. These grants do not in any way involve the Christmas Appeal funds which are used to help and support individuals and families.

Income is derived from investments.

THE CARE FUND is the old Harpenden Trust, founded in 1948. It operates through a group of teams to help families and individuals in need in the AL5 postal district. In a typical year the Care Fund will spend more than £80,000 in:

Income is derived from investments, donations, legacies and the Christmas Appeal with a shortfall of up to £25,000 per year covered by a Community Fund grant.

In addition we have two HALLS FOR HIRE at the Trust Centre, 90 Southdown Road.

Objectives of the Organisation

Tel: 01582 460457 at any time. When the office is not staffed you can leave a message and we will phone you back.  

Email: admin@theharpendentrust.org.uk

Website: www.theharpendentrust.org.uk

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Volunteers Required

The Trust is run by volunteers, regular and seasonal, and we are always looking for new helpers.

Regular involvement includes making home visits, helping at coffee mornings and on coach outings, and staffing the Trust office.

Seasonal involvement includes our Christmas Appeal collection which makes a crucial contribution to the funds we need to support our work with families and individuals.

To see the full range of our volunteering opportunities please go to "How you can help" on our website www.theharpendentrust.org.uk

Volunteers receive full training and support.